Top 6 Vintage Centerpiece Ideas

Vintage Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

It’s no secret that I love flowers.  I also love vintage vases + vessels to display them in.   Here are my top 6 vintage centerpiece ideas for weddings!  (above photo by Kate Ignatowski)

Jen Huang Photography  Vintage Centerpiece Ideas

1.  The Drinking Glass.  Pressed glass goblets make a sweet addition to any table.  They glow under candlelight + look great clustered together with different heights. (photo by Jen Huang)

Ciara Richardson Photography Vintage Brass Centerpiece Idea

2.  The Brass Vessel.  For those who are using gold as an accent color, there is no other way to go than a brass vessel or vase.  Aged brass adds a richness to floral displays. (photo by Ciara Richardson)

Vintage Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

3.  The Colorful Tin.   Sweet tea + candy tins add a splash of color and conversation to the table.  Fill the tins with neutral flowers and greens for a calmer feeling or coordinating colors for a bright + bold look. (photo by Jana Morgan)

Vintage Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

4.  The Silver Vessel.  Tarnished silver vessels give an heirloom quality to an event, as if you borrowed items from a grandmother.  Silver pitchers, teapots + even small sugar bowls look great when used in an assortment together. (photo by Kate Ignatowski)

wedding centerpiece ideas vintage

5.  The Bottle.  New or old, bottles in a variety of sizes and shapes act as simple yet sophisticated bud vases.   Adding a tray or print napkin underneath adds some interest to the design. (photo by Justin + Mary)


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