Timeless Blues

Janet Leigh

Mandy Forlenza Sticos Color Story Ideas

I love this photo of Janet Leigh.  From the ultra large motif wallpaper to the modern chair which compliments her silver Grecian laced sandals; it could have easily been styled today.  This color palette is perfection with all hues of moody blues and silver accents.  Photographer:  unknown.

Mirror Mirror

John Rawlings for Vogue Magazine (vintage)

mandy forlenza sticos color story

This image is 1950s perfection by John Rawlings for Vogue Magazine. It’s neutral color palette with a touch of black is just as much of a classic color story today as it was half a century ago.  John Rawlings definitely had a knack for creating timeless images and can we talk about the hat and jewelry too?

Chic Vintage Holiday

Dovimaholiday chic color story mandy forlenza sticos

I love unearthing new vintage beauties and this photo of Dovima is all types of holiday chic.  An American model in the 1950s, Dovima was discovered by a Vogue editor on a New York City sidewalk and had a photo shoot with Irving Penn the very next day.  Amazing.

The color story in this photo feels like sugary candies + peppermint on a snowy day.  It’s a perfect alternative for a chic holiday color story.

Image via pinterest; photographer unknown.

Madame Grès

Madame Grès

Madame Grès

Madame Grès was a French haute couture designer known for her cut out designs showcasing skin as part of the design.  She dressed some of the most fashionable women from the 1930s until the 1980s when she sold the brand.  Madame Grès herself was a trained sculptress which many compared her fine draping skills to.  This neutral + grey color story is divine!

Image:  Photographer unknown; Dress Madame Grès 1952

Fall Stripes

lidewij edelkoort

striped dress color pal

This image is my kind of fall inspiration.  Gone are the bold colors of summer and in march the muted and dreamy versions for Fall.   This color story just breathes pumpkins, apples, leaves, scarves, boots and all that makes Fall so wonderful.

Image Credit:  Lidewiij Edelkoort

Sugary Sorbet

Petit Chic (petitchic.com)
sorbet colors by mandy forlenza sticos

This photo screams sweet summer innocence; like sugary sorbet.  The dresses + photo are from Petit Chic which was found through Pinterest.  I would use this color story for a summer soiree, little girl’s birthday or even a bridal or baby shower as an unexpected sweet twist.  Can’t you just see the bowls or bright pink + orange sorbet being served?

Photo by Petit Chic


Golden Girl

Carole Lombarde

Carole Lombarde

Carole Lombard is one of my favorite actresses from the 1930s.  She was captivatingly beautiful and thanks to stunts like this where costume designer Travis Banton simply draped her in gold lame fabric, she was quite the vixen of the times.  The photo above is re-colored oh-so-beautifully with a color story that screams classic elegance.  I included the original black and white below as well.  Not sure of the photo credit – if anyone knows, I will gladly update!

Carole Lombarde