Vintage Rentals: Retro Bicycle

vintage bicycle rental nyc - tulle and grace photography

Super cute anniversary session alert featuring our retro vintage bicycle as seen on Green Wedding Shoes. Amazing team below.  Thanks for the rental love!

vintage bicycle rental nyc - tulle and grace photography

photography: Tulle & Grace / planning + design: Color Pop Events / florals: Allie Webber of Bowman & Clark / bicycle rental: Little Vintage Rentals / balloon + tassels: Studio Mucci / tulle skirt: Space 46 / lab: Film Box



Simple Holiday Decor Ideas on Best Friends for Frosting


Take the stress out of decorating for the holidays with these simple festive ideas for your home without strands of lights or even a tree!  As seen on Best Friends for Frosting with amazing photography by Maria Doka Photo.

-Create a simple wreath with thin wire and a strand of corner store greenery

-Adorn all beverages with a thin slice of lemon

-Dress tables with a fine linen table cloth and linen napkins

-Use candles in canisters for less mess
-Great creative with herbs

-Leave a greeting at every place setting

-Serve hot chocolate in teacups

-Add greenery to a dish of sweet treats

-Type gift tags on a typewriter
-Dress up simple gift wrap with silk dupioni ribbon

-Display gifts on a faux fur throw or in a stocking

Concept & Styling:  Mandy Forlenza Sticos / Photography: Maria Doka Photography / Vintage Props:  Little Vintage Rentals / Candles:  Aromasoy Candles  / Linen:  Lost in Linen  / Ribbon:  Midori Ribbon  / Stocking:  A Stylish Design

Expert Advice from Annette Stepanian

Annette Stepanian Expert Advice

Tell us all about Annette Stepanian:  I’m an attorney who works with creative professionals and entrepreneurs. I practiced law for over five years at national law firm, and although I love the intellectual challenges of the law, my life started to feel a bit, well, beige. I longed for more art and color in my life. So I took a leap of faith and started my own jewelry line – Confetti by Annette. As I grew the jewelry line, other small business owners and peers sought out my legal advice about starting and running their own business. Today, I combine my passions for law and small business to teach other creative professionals & small business owners how to streamline and lay a proper legal foundation for their business.

Annette Stepanian Confetti by Annette

What services do you offer? I work one on one with other business owners to help them build a legal structure for their business. It is incredibly fulfilling to be able to guide someone so that they can go on to fulfill their creative passions. I also offer various guides and contract templates online and teach online and at events.

Annette Stepanian Contract Templates for Creatives

What advice would you offer an event planner that is starting an event planning business? Always have a contract governing your responsibilities and expectations with a client or vendor. As they say, expect for the best, but prepare for the worst. Unfortunately, memories can fade and relationships can turn sour – having a contract in place can protect you and the work you’ve put into an event. Also, make sure your contract minimizes the risk that a client will fail to pay and addresses what happens in the event a client doesn’t pay. For example, instead of billing the entire balance at the end of the project, divide your fees into a payment schedule and distribute the payments into several invoices, with the final payment of your fees due before the event date.

Another piece of advice is to always be professional in the way you conduct yourself and your business. Professionalism is not only communicated through your words, but your conduct. Create clear policies and procedures about how you operate your business and be diligent about upholding them. For example, be diligent about sending timely invoices and following up on overdue payments. This conveys that as a professional, you expect to be paid in a timely manner for your services.
Annette Stepanian
One thing to pay close attention to while reviewing contracts?  Identify the correct parties to the contract and make sure the person who is signing on behalf of the party has the authority to do so. For example, let’s assume Jane Doe works is an event planner at Premier Weddings LLC. The contract for event planning services should be between Premier Weddings LLC and the client(s). If it is between Jane Doe and the clients, then Jane would be held personally liable for the obligations under the contract. In addition, the signatory should be someone at the company who has authority to enter into agreements – for example, the CEO. If Jane Doe does not have the authority to enter into a contract, she shouldn’t sign it. If on the other hand, Jane is the CEO , she can sign the contract as Jane Doe on behalf of Premier Weddings LLC.

Favorite vintage piece in the little vintage rentals collection? Do I have to just pick one? I really have a love of vintage gadgets like typewriters, telephones, cameras, and fans! I love vintage fans!

Don’t forget to check out Annette’s website, instagram and blog.  She also runs an amazing facebook group for female entrepreneurs- sign up!

Photos: 1/ Melody Melikian  2, 3+4/Paper Ban Photography

This information is for educational and informational purposes only; it is not intended as and does not constitute legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and the author.

Pretty Ginger

Arlene Dahl

winter wedding color story holiday

I pinned this photo instantly on Pinterest because of the color story.  There is something royal and holiday-eque all rolled into one.  Arlene Dahl was an actress in the 1950s known for many films, her television work and being the mother of Lorenzo Lamas.  She looks so super sweet in this photo; bet you wouldn’t imagine she was married six times!

Central Park Wedding Inspiration

Mariel Hannah Photography  - Mandy Forlenz Sticos Styling

It was almost a year ago that photographer Mariel Hannah + I worked together on this Central Park style shoot.  I was thrilled that it popped up in Magnolia Rouge issue 10 and the blog.  I hope you find some Fall Wedding inspiration in these photos!

Mariel Hannah Photography  - Mandy Forlenza Sticos Styling

Mariel Hannah Photography  - Mandy Forlenza Sticos Styling

Mariel Hannah Photography  - Mandy Forlenza Sticos Styling
Mariel Hannah Photography  - Mandy Forlenza Sticos Styling
Mariel Hannah Photography  - Mandy Forlenza Sticos Styling

Vintage Rentals: Silver Candle Stick Holders

silver candle stick rentals nyc

One of my favorite things in our inventory is our tarnished silver!  I was so excited to start expanding our silver candle stick collection this year and we’ve picked up some pretty ones!  The candle sticks look elegant on any table and add a bit of heirloom charm with their patina.  Rent them today!

silver candle stick rentals nyc

silver candle stick rentals nyc

silver candle stick rentals nyc

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Styling for Social Media

styling for social media

For those who need help styling photos that tell a story about their company or brand;  I am hosting a mini workshop at QNS Collective in Astoria, NY.  This workshop is ideal for bloggers, small business owners, etsy shops and anyone looking to produce original content to promote themselves on social media.

For my blog readers, please enjoy a $10 discount with code PRETTY.  Snag tickets soon – the first 20 folks walk away with an amazing goodie bag with products from Confetti by Annette, December Sisters, Aromasoy, Design Gem, BiOs Institute, Callio Fragrance, Tatzarazzi, Loving Hands Soap Shop, Perk Naturals, Angie Webb Creative and more…

Get tickets here and thank you to the amazing Fleur de Letters for the logo above!


Expert Advice from Sincerely, Jackie

Sincerely, Jackie  NYC Wedding Invitations
Today we’re kicking off my new blog series, Expert Advice with Jackie Mangiolino of Sincerely, Jackie.  Jackie and I connected coordinating this style shoot and I’ve loved watching her line grow!  If you’re shopping for wedding invitations or stationery, this is the Q&A to read.  Thank you Jackie for sharing some amazing tips!
Sincerely, Jackie  NYC Wedding Invitations
Tell us all about Sincerely, Jackie: I had been in the stationery industry for several years, mostly designing for smaller-scale events (birthday parties, birth announcements, holiday cards) when I began to truly fall in love with wedding invitations. I launched Sincerely, Jackie in 2013 with a focus on fine print (letterpress, foil, engraving, silk screen) wedding invitations. I’m a details person, so the nuances and intricacies surrounding every aspect of wedding stationery is captivating. From perfectly pairing fine print methods, to ensuring proper wording etiquette, I love being able to provide my expertise to clients in a beautiful and enjoyable way. I recently partnered with Charmaine, of Everly, Calligraphy, to launch an entire line of wedding invitations that showcase calligraphy elements. Calligraphy, to me, is the epitome of invitation tradition and I am in awe of how it magically elevates an invitation.
Sincerely, Jackie  NYC Wedding Invitations
What services do you offer? I work one-on-one with each of my clients to provide them a truly exception invitation experience. In addition to offering over 35 designs, I work with printers around the world to ensure the chosen print method is perfectly paired with the chosen design. I also provide my clients guidance around etiquette, timelines, and other details that are often overlooked. Brides have a TON on their mind, and, for the invitations, I like to make decisions as easy and enjoyable as possible for them.
 Sincerely, Jackie  NYC Wedding Invitations
What’s new at your company? The Calligraphy Collection – it’s a line of invitations that showcase calligraphy by Everly, Calligraphy, and can be printed in any print method.
Advice you’d offer your best friend while planning regarding selecting invitations and paper products? Less is more! There are literally hundreds of options out there to help you achieve your perfect invitation design, within a reasonable budget, without sacrificing quality and style. No matter what, even if you have a really, really, really tight budget, at least make sure your invitations follow proper grammar and etiquette.
 Sincerely, Jackie  NYC Wedding Invitations

One thing to pay close attention to when finalizing invitations? Spelling and grammar are HUGE. Brides need to be very diligent in proofing their invitations before printing them. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your invitations if it’s got mistakes on it. My biggest pet peeve is having the word “and” in the year. It’s not correct grammar!! The year should be “two thousand fifteen.”

Favorite vintage piece in the little vintage rentals collection and why? I’m a total sucker for candles and I love the variety of candle stick holders at Little Vintage Rentals. For my own wedding, I had banquet style tables and lined them with hundreds of candles. What’s more romantic than that?

Don’t forget to check out Jackie’s website, instagram and blog.



Timeless Blues

Janet Leigh

Mandy Forlenza Sticos Color Story Ideas

I love this photo of Janet Leigh.  From the ultra large motif wallpaper to the modern chair which compliments her silver Grecian laced sandals; it could have easily been styled today.  This color palette is perfection with all hues of moody blues and silver accents.  Photographer:  unknown.

Vintage Inspired Bridal Shower Ideas

Tille and Rose

One of my most popular blog posts on my previous lifestyle blog was about my own vintage inspired bridal shower.  Since it was quite a few years ago, I thought I’d re-imagine the event and gather some images of inspiration for a vintage inspired bridal shower.  The image above is a great example of simple accent decor with vintage books and a vintage scale adorned with fresh roses. (photo by Tillie and Rose) Below is a simple place setting with a vintage embroidered napkin and fresh sprig of lavender. (via Snippet and Ink / photo by Studio Castilero)

Twig and Twine, Studio Castillero

Anna Delores Photography

Above, I adore the idea of renting mismatched teacups and saucers but the stand out in this photo is the amazing chalkboard art! (via Style Me Pretty / Anna Delores Photography/ Dish Wish Rentals) Below, a simple cake on a rustic crate adorned by a few blooms in vintage bottles is my idea of a sweet addition.  (Diana Marie Photography)

Diana Marie Photography

I love the look and feel of this floral accent above.  It’s like a vintage garden indoors; perfect for an impromptu photo backdrop!  (Via Grey Likes / Photography: To Wander and Seek ) And last but not least every shower needs a memento of thanks.  Nothing is quite as vintage or authentic as a fabric wrapped gift.  (Via The Lane / Photography:  Foraged in The North)

Foraged in the North Photography

Vintage Rentals: Crates + Wood Boxes

Rent Crates Wood Boxes NYC

Our wood boxes and vintage crates are some of the inventory that rents most often!  Whether your events has a table that needs some height or an instant rustic feel renting vintage boxes and crates is your best bet.   This is one of our favorite ways to use our cheese boxes here!

Rent Crates Wood Boxes NYC

Rent Crates Wood Boxes NYC

Rent Crates Wood Boxes NYC

Rent Crates Wood Boxes NYC

Rent Crates Wood Boxes NYC

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Botanical Bridal Session and Boudoir featured on Hochzeitsguide

Kate Ignatowski Photography  - Styling by Mandy Forlenza Sticos

The flowers I sourced from Blooms by the Box to style for this photo shoot are some of my favorite to date.  Previously a handful of these photos were featured on Style Me Pretty, but I was SO excited that Hochzeitsguide picked it up as well – their aesthetic is dreamy!  Amazing team below the photos.

Kate Ignatowski Photography  - Styling by Mandy Forlenza Sticos

Kate Ignatowski Photography  - Styling by Mandy Forlenza Sticos

Kate Ignatowski Photography  - Styling by Mandy Forlenza Sticos

Kate Ignatowski Photography  - Styling by Mandy Forlenza Sticos

Kate Ignatowski Photography  - Styling by Mandy Forlenza Sticos

Kate Ignatowski Photography  - Styling by Mandy Forlenza Sticos

Kate Ignatowski Photography  - Styling by Mandy Forlenza Sticos

Photography: Kate Ignatowski | Styling + Floral Design: Mandy Forlenza Sticos | Wedding Dress: Tatyana Merenyuk | Cake: Sugar Flower Cake Shop | Invitations: Bella Figura | Make Up: Anny Chow | Hair: Andy Tseng | Flowers Supplied By: Blooms By The Box | Garter: Florrie Mitton | Lingerie + Robe: Zinke | Model: Alexis Katsafanas | Ribbon: Midori Ribbon |  Veils: Jaclyn Jordan | Vintage Props: Little Vintage Rentals