Top 5 Vintage Chic Venues in New York City

Top 5 vintage chic wedding venues in nyc  Kate Ignatowski Photography

When I was planning my wedding a few years back, I was surprised that there wasn’t a list of vintage wedding venues already online.   I did quite a bit of research back then and thought I’d share some of my favorite vintage chic wedding venues in New York City.  (photo above:  Kate Ignatowski)

vintage chic wedding venues nyc - photo by redfield photography

1. The Metropolitan Building:  My top vintage wedding venue pick, hands down.  From the weathered floors to aisles of vintage furniture available for events, The Metropolitan Building has it all.   Every last corner of this venue is oozing with photo ready backdrops.  Located in Long Island City, Queens it’s a trip worth making.  Venue:  The Metropolitan Building  Photo: Redfield Photography

vintage chic wedding venues nyc - photo by levi stolove

2. The Housing Works Bookstore:  For bookworms at heart who are looking to give back on their big day, The Housing Works Bookstore is perfect.  Rows of lovingly read books create a colorful backdrop while proceeds from the venue rental support healing the community living and affected with HIV / AIDS.   Venue:  The Housing Works Bookstore  Photo: Levi Stolove

vintage chic wedding venues nyc - photo by benj haisch

3. The Green Building:  Formerly a brass foundry built in 1889 this Brooklyn locale boasts endless exposed brick and exposed beam ceilings.  Restored to an industrial chic state, it’s grandiose chandeliers and newly added outdoor space make it even more charming for a vintage loving couple.  Venue:  The Green Building  Photo: Benj Haisch

vintage chic wedding venue nyc - kate ignatowski photography

4. The Foundry:  This 19th century foundry was meticulously restored to showcase it’s industrial character complete with an indoor greenhouse and views of the Manhattan skyline from the terrace.  As for first impressions, the Foundry’s ivy covered exterior makes it a location to remember.  Venue:  The Foundry  Photo: Kate Ignatowski

vintage chic wedding venue nyc - rima brindamour photography

5. Brecknock Hall: For those in search of a bit of vintage opulence, Brecknock Hall in Greeport, Long Island offers just that.  This once residential home built from 1851-1857 has 4 charming parlor rooms along with sprawling lawns and a patio outdoors.  It is a historic and elegant vintage wedding location.   Venue:  Brecknock Hall  Photo: Rima Brindamour