Sugary Sorbet

Petit Chic (
sorbet colors by mandy forlenza sticos

This photo screams sweet summer innocence; like sugary sorbet.  The dresses + photo are from Petit Chic which was found through Pinterest.  I would use this color story for a summer soiree, little girl’s birthday or even a bridal or baby shower as an unexpected sweet twist.  Can’t you just see the bowls or bright pink + orange sorbet being served?

Photo by Petit Chic



Summer Blooms

Photo by John Rawlings

flowers colors

This photograph by the infamous John Rawlings captures the prettiest summer color palette.  Although it appears as if it could have been taken yesterday, it was photographed for House and Garden in 1952.  Timeless imagery is the mark of a genius photographer.  My favorite fact in researching Mr. Rawlings?  He shot 68 Vogue Magazine covers.  That’s a lot of fashion!

Table Top Tuesday | 6

Vicki Grafton Photography + Stefanie Kapra Photography

For installment six of Table Top Tuesday, I stumbled upon this colorful table top inspiration from Vicki Grafton Photography + Stefanie Kapra Photography.

What makes this work?  Fresh pops of spring time color!  The orange, pink and yellow flowers bring life to this table top.  I love the single buds strewn about and the spray of pink ombre stock flower tied with a sunshine yellow ribbon.  If I were a guest at this party, it would immediately make me smile.

Vicki Grafton Photography + Stefanie Kapra Photography

Vicki Grafton Photography + Stephanie Kapra Photography

What details make a difference?  The white calligraphy is so elegant on the light brown escort cards and menu and again, the flowers.  The scabiosa pods add a wonderful contrast in texture to all of the very soft blooms.  So well done!

Vicki Grafton Photography + Stephanie Kapra Photography

Credits:  Via Magnolia Rouge, Photography: Vicki Grafton + Stefanie Kapra, Design: Frieda Theres,  Flowers: Lily Deluxe