Valentine’s Day Must-Dos For You

Little Vintage Rentals Valentine's Day Must-Dos For You

Valentine’s day is here and Little Vintage Rentals is definitely feeling the love.  Even if you do not have a significant other, it’s an important day to remember to treat yourself with love and care.  Here is our  list of  Valentine’s Day Must-Dos For You.   Go ahead, treat yourself!

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(1) Write yourself a letter.  Yes, a good old fashioned pen-to-paper letter.  Write down your hopes and dreams for yourself 1 year from now.  Read it when you need a reminder of your goals.

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(2) Have a fizzy drink.  Whether it’s champagne, a cocktail or just a fruity soda that is normally off the radar; put your feet up and enjoy the bubbly.

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(3) Eat a sweet treat.   Heart shaped cookies, sugary cakes and powdered donuts are in every shop on Valentine’s Day.  One word:  Indulge.

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(4) Read poetry.  No, inspirational quotes on pinterest do not count.  Grab your favorite by Mirabai, Sylvia Plath or Billy Collins.  Ok, those are my favorites but you get the point!

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(5) Dress up for a party.  Even if you’re home watching Sleepless in Seattle, put on your favorite party dress, drink that bubbly and take a bite of that pastry calling your name.  Twirling in your living room is encouraged!

Lovely images by Ananda Lima.  For more from this shoot, click here.