10 Styling Tools For Wedding Professionals

What do wedding planners, photographers and stylists have in common? They all want to create beautiful flat lays and style wedding details to perfection. However, without the proper tools, it’s a struggle.

As un-sexy as it might be, here is the “tool” installation of my must haves in a styling kit.  Add these to your cart and they will ease worries on set or at a wedding.

  1. Acrylic Blocks – Whether propping paper goods or just providing height and dimension to a photo, these clear gems are a winner.  I recommend having at least 5 sizes, one small enough for a postage stamp and one on the thicker side.
  2. Instant Tacky– A little goes a long way.  Hold down stubborn envelope flaps, ribbon and just about anything to get the perfect shot!
  3. Electric Candle Lighter – Matches run out and are easily lost. This re-chargeable gas-less lighter is a must have at events.  The flexible neck that reaches any wick is amazing!
  4. Shout Wipes – Clean dress= happy bride.  Great for those grass stains during outdoor photos. The ‘to go’ packets are the best!
  5. Spray Bottle – There isn’t always an outlet or steamer at arm’s reach.  On those occasions, an old fashioned spray bottle will get a stubborn wrinkle out of a dress or even table linen. Thank me later when you’re at Central Park doing a styled shoot.
  6. Fashion Tape – When fabric just won’t lay correctly or a dress is a tad revealing; fashion tape is the answer.  A double sided tape that is skin and fabric safe, yes please!  I love the dot version as well.
  7. Mini Lint Roller- A small lint roller can clean up a styling mat, ring box and even bit of flowers/leaves that fall from a bouquet. It’s also amazing to have since most wedding professionals I know wear black to events!
  8. Glass Wipes – Get streaks and dirt off mirrors, windows, styling trays and even wipe down a diamond ring when you’re in a pinch.
  9. Pins – This set of white and black safety pins will help keep droopy boutonnieres in place for photos.  Be sure to have a set of white tip straight pins as well!
  10. Practice – This ‘tool’ isn’t tangible, but it will make the biggest difference. Practice with your tools before the big day and consider investing in a one-one-one curated photo shoot or joining me at a styled shoot for photographers.

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Photo by Siobhan Stanton, Styled by Mandy Forlenza Sticos, Flowers supplied by Blooms by the Box, Earrings by Nina Shoes 
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